Apprentice Lineman Jobs

Being a lineman is a great career but to get into an electrical  lineman you must first start as an apprentice lineman and it will take four years till you are able to take the state certification exam that would accredit you as a journeyman lineman.

The electrical apprenticeship program is a four-year classroom and on the field training providing the needed instructional components of apprenticeship for apprentice lineman.

It is a fully accredited 16 week program offered to electric utility and outside construction companies for their apprentice lineman candidates.

Northwest Lineman College provides all needed materials and training to successfully achieve the apprentice lineman level so you may reach your goal of obtaining apprentice lineman status,  also maintains training calendars and records your advancements.

Once you reach graduation status, students will earn a Certificate of Completion and Department of Labor Journeyman Lineman Certification if the sponsoring utility or outside construction company’s program is registered with the Office of Apprenticeship or similar agency.

Journeyman Linemen, also known as outside lineman, are skilled electrical workers who build maintain and if needed repair the high-voltage power poles and hardware that transmit and distributes electricity from the substation to the homes. Lineman usually obtain their skills set via a rigorous electrical apprenticeship training program, which takes at least 4 years to successfully complete.
Requirements to get accepted into an electrical lineman apprentice program differ by utility companies, but normally has requirements about age, education levels and standards of upper body strength.

Age & Education

Electrical lineman apprentice jobs programs usually require applicants to be at their 18th birthday at least while applying and must posses a high school diploma or equivalent GED.

The program require that applicants have taken high school level algebra, obtain minimum passing grade on the aptitude exam and pass a drug screening test, pursuant to the BLS.
The apprentice lineman program requires near 7k hour of training during a 4 year period which includes classroom education and hands on practice.

Physical Fitness

Electrical linemen could be requested upon to work many hours in different and inclement weather situations.

Working on high-voltage transmission towers in elevations of 500′, ans in underground distribution systems located in underground pits or dugouts. Certain utilities require electrical lineman to run big equipment, like backhoes, crane or boom buckets. Power lines cover an extensive utility company’s service territory, electrical linemen has to travel anywhere the power line needs to be repaired, which can be several miles away in all types of terrain.

Most apprentice lineman programs require applicants to have a valid driving license in the State they applying.
Apprentice lineman applicants must be physically qualified to perform a variety of tasks.

Testing and Applicant Interviews

Communication skills are an important part of apprentice lineman jobs, as well as mathematical abilities. Certain apprentice lineman programs, like the TVA Apprentice Lineman Program, make applicants get a passing score on a standard aptitude exam (SAT), like the American Institute of Research for algebra exam, mathematical understanding and reading capacity are very essential to the job.

Other program, like the Northwest Line Electrical Apprentice Lineman, utilizes an interview approach that scores like factors as attitude, interest and background.
Admission into this apprenticeship is determined by how well the applicant scores on the initial interview.

Earn while You Learn

Apprentice lineman get paid while they learn. Wage rates differ by apprentice program and rises as certain goals are accomplished.
For example, pay rate for apprentices lineman in the TVA Apprentice Lineman Program start at around $36,450 a yr and rise to around $54,360.
TVA journeyman lineman makes around $63,950 since 2013. The Northwest apprentice Lineman program pays apprentice lineman a percentage of a journeyman’s wages. Apprentice lineman  pay begins at 60% and goes up to 90%. The hourly pay for journeyman lineman at the Northwest area was around $44.72 as of Feb 2012.

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