Electrical Apprenticeship

Electrical Apprenticeship Lineman Requirements – Stepping Into Your Career

An electrical apprentice lineman will be able to enjoy a career that is filled with potential growth as well as a plethora of apprentice lineman jobs available. As a person progresses, they will be able to leave the entry-level position they are in and will be able to progress to a journeyman lineman if they wish. However, before a person is able to get to this point, they will need to undergo the proper training and meet all of the requirements so that they can become an apprentice lineman.

Apprenticeship Requirements

Before an apprenticeship can be taken, a person must meet a set of very standard requirements. While these requirements may vary from one program to another, they are fairly standard.

  • Age: A person must be considered an adult, 18 years of age or older, to be able to become an apprentice lineman.
  • Education: A high school diploma, or the equivalent, will be necessary to ensure that the candidate has all of the basic knowledge to undergo an electrical apprentice program. Oftentimes, algebra will also be a requirement, but this depends on the apprenticeship.
  • Aptitude Test: An aptitude test must be taken and a qualifying score must be achieved to prove competency of a candidate.
  • Drug Free: A drug test may be administered to ensure that the potential apprentice is not under the influence while they are working on live power lines.
  • Able-bodied: The work of an apprentice lineman is rigorous and will require a person to traverse differing terrain as well as climb poles and towers. A person must be able to meet the physical requirements needed for the job.

If a person is able to meet or exceed all of the above requirements, they will be able to enroll in an electrical apprenticeship so that they can obtain lineman jobs. However, there will be a necessity of schooling that a candidate will need to complete during a 4 year period.

Apprenticeship Programs

If a candidate meets the requirements, they will now have to seek out an electrical apprenticeship programs that will satisfy their basic educational requirements. Since there is no way to learn this trade without hands-on training, an apprentice will find that they will be diving right in and working under the close supervision of their peers for a period of 4 years.

Program Requirements

  • Curriculum: An apprentice will receive the majority of their training on-the-job. This is done with the help of the employing company that the apprentice now works for. Classroom lessons are also given by the program that will ensure a person understands all of the underlying technologies as well as the proper safety requirements needed on the job.
  • Program Length: Classroom and field training is expected to last for 7,000 hours. This training is to be completed over a 4 year period.

An apprentice will also find that they will have to adhere to skill verification testing to ensure that they are meeting the standards set by the program. Furthermore, these tests are seen as benchmarks for how well an apprentice has been doing during their tenure with their respective companies.

Once an apprentice has completed their program, they will normally receive a certificate from their respective school as well as have the opportunity to obtain their Journeymen certification. This is why it is essential to ensure that your respective school will be recognized by the Department of Labor so that you can advance in the field.

Apprentice Lineman Jobs

All lineman jobs are paid. During this time, a person is paid on average $36,000 during their first year with an average of $54,000 during their fourth year. This amount is dependent on a person’s location, but it is an average that has been stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Some programs, such as Northwest Lineman College, are said to start their apprentices at 60 percent of the average salary of a Journeyman Lineman. Upon their fourth year in the program, the apprentice will find that their salary is equal to 90 percent of the salary of a Journeyman Lineman.

Lineman jobs are in high demand and the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts an increase of 7 percent job growth from 2012 – 2022. This is forecasted to add over 18,000 lineman jobs to the field.

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