Lineman College

Northwest Lineman College – A Look into the Standard in Power Delivery Industry Education
NLC for short, was founded in 1993 and is seen as the standard in Power Delivery Education.
With a network of over 1,000 power companies, NLC is able to stay at the forefront of technology and provide the utmost training to be named the top lineman school  in the United States.

Every year more than 3,000 trainees attend Northwest Lineman School and 15,000 are proud alumni of the school.
Three Campuses
Currently, NLC offers three locations in which lineman training can begin: California, Idaho and Texas.
Local Housing
Students that attend NLC will be expected to make it to class every day.

NLC provides a list of great apartments in the local area that are both highly recommended and affordable.
Training Basics
Tuition will be dependent on when enrollment takes place, but scholarships are available.
Students are expected to finish 4 years of schooling to complete the curriculum needed to satisfy the school’s lineman apprenticeship program. Training is held for two weeks every year.
What to Expect
Lineman training will consist of a lot basic information needed to enter into the field. This information will include:

  • Safety basics
  • How to work on energized or de-energized lines
  • Installation and replacement of equipment
  • How to work in an elevated position
  • Knots, Splices and Rope basics
  • Rigging
  • Rescue Series
  • Personal grounding

There are a plethora of courses taught every year and each will include all of the latest information needed for an apprentice to be properly trained.

This is a vigorous training lineman school that will require students to practice on a utility pole frequently.
Lab, field, behavior and academic classes will be administered throughout the duration of the course.

Northwest requires all of the year’s required curriculum to be completed within a year of the first course being taken.
Upon completion, the apprentice’s employer will have to agree with the apprentice’s work and, only then, will the apprentice be able to move forward to the next year’s courses.

Once year four is complete, graduation will take place and the apprentice will receive a certificate of completion from the school as well as a Department of Labor Journeyman Certification, when applicable.



Northwest Lineman School